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People I Am Thankful For

I love the Holidays, especially Thanksgiving, because they remind me of all the things I have been blessed with. I tend to think of things I normally take for granted, such as imported goods that I have access to, hot water, the ability to read and be educated, a safe community, my health, and so much more. But even more than those things, I value the people in my life that have made me everything I am today. This is not a comprehensive list; there are hundreds of people that have done so much for me and I absolutely cannot thank them enough. But for the sake of time, I can only make a small list of some of the most important people in my life:

1. My Dad, who showed me what true sacrifice, love, and hard work really is. He is always there for me and supports me in everything I try to do. He is the most noble man I know, and I hope I can repay him someday.

2. My Mom, who has been such an example to me throughout the years of striving for excellence. She is the most motivated and intelligent person I know, and always keeps trying whether she succeeds or not.

3. My Brother, a true patriot. Handsome, caring and intelligent. As one of my very best friends, he is someone I can always count on to bail me out. He has an amazing sense of humor and style, and I wish the best for him in his career as a Marine.

4. Danielle, my sister regardless of blood relation. Always there through the ups, downs, and very cold trips up the canyon. My best friend, confidant, and partner-in-crime.

5. Desica, my other mom, the most talented stain remover I know. The logical thinker that can always tell me what I mean and what I am looking for. She gives the best advice and never lets me down.

6. Matthew and Addison, my step-siblings. Although they are some of the most caring and well behaved kids I know, there is never a dull moment with them around. Addison is so creative and intelligent, and Matthew is very loving and fun to be with. I admire their bravery and ability to love.

7. Teekay, one of my best friends. He is always there for me when I need it most, especially when I break electronics. He truly is a fun and inspiring person to be around, and I am a better person in every way with him a part of my life.

8. Janzen, my first love and still one of my best friends. Intelligent and witty, I was drawn to him even the first time I met him. No matter what happens, I hope that he will always be a part of my life, and I will always love him.

9. Tasha Seegmiller, my role model. A mother, a writer, a teacher, and an upstanding citizen. She has always pushed me to be the best I can be, corrected me when I was wrong, encouraged me when I was right, and helped me set goals to work toward.

10. Donald Newman, my crazy old science teacher. He taught me that the answer is always there, if only I look long and hard enough, as well as that anything can be wonderful if you have the right attitude about it.

11. Melanie Durfee,¬†the one who gave me so many opportunities. She pushed me hard and taught me so many things I couldn’t have learned by myself. She paved the way for my college career, and everything I am working for would be impossible without her.

12. My cat, the best roommate ever. She is my companion and a comfort when I need her. She is such a positive part of my life, and I hope that she lives a long time. I enjoy her quirky personality and I care as much for her as she does for me.

I wish a happy holiday season to all the wonderful people in my life. I love you all so much! Thanks for being a part of my life ūüôā


Healthier Holidays

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, millions of Americans are anticipating enjoying their holiday favorites, such as stuffing, pies, green-bean casserole, mashed potatoes, yams, and of course, turkey with cranberry sauce. But with so many delicious opportunities that lie ahead, nutritionists are cautioning people to celebrate the holiday season with discretion.

Rumor has it that people typically gain 5-10 pounds from the fall season to the new year. Recent research has debunked this claim. Nutirtionist Monica Reinagel clarifies that people typically gain only one pound or less of body weight over the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Although people don’t gain as much as they think they do, overeating can still be a real danger to people’s health. That one pound can stick around for the rest of the year and be added to each season. In addition, overeating stretches the stomach, making people more prone to overeat later. In fact, historical examples confirm that it is possible to eat one’s self to death:

1751:¬†Julien Offray de La Mettrie, a major materialist and sensualist philosopher and author of¬†L’Homme machine, died of overeating at a feast given in his honor.

1771:¬†Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, died of digestion problems on 12 February 1771 after having consumed a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, topped off with 14 servings of his favourite dessert:¬†hetv√§gg¬†served in a bowl of hot milk.¬†He is thus remembered by Swedish schoolchildren as “the king who ate himself to death.”

1974: Basil Brown, a 48-year-old health food advocate from Croydon, drank himself to death with carrot juice.

2007:¬†Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old woman from¬†Sacramento, California, died of¬†water intoxication¬†while trying to win a¬†Nintendo¬†Wii¬†console in a¬†KDND¬†107.9 “The End” radio station’s “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest, which involved drinking large quantities of water without urinating.

Source:¬†Wikipedia, “List of Unusual Deaths”

Walking into the dining room finding relatives dead from eating too much could really put a damper on the holiday season. As you can see, there is more to worry about than simply gaining a pound or two. If weight gain is still a big concern, there are a lot of simple things one can do, such as supplementing smaller portions with items from the veggie tray. For more tips and information, you can visit: