My New Project

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to find productive things to do with my time. As a child, it was so easy to use my imagination to entertain myself. Now that I am past that stage, it is difficult to find very many things that are affordable and consume enough time to keep me busy. I often find myself aimlessly surfing the web and reading posts on Facebook. As wonderful as the internet may be, I feel that using it takes up an unhealthy portion of my daily schedule.

In an effort to fill my life with more meaningful things, I have started a number of projects, including this blog. Most days, I set aside time to write a new post or do something else creative and intellectually stimulating. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort goes into each post, blogging just doesn’t take up more than an hour of each day. I’ve been searching for something else that is not only affordable, but can help me on my mission to be more well rounded.

Last night, I survived the Black Friday Sale at Walmart (even when that creepy old guy pinched my butt and ran away). Although I found some really great deals, it was nothing compared to the deal I found at Cedar Post Pawn this morning. It was the perfect object for a new productive endeavor: a guitar. I’ve been thinking about purchasing one and learning to play for a few months, but every time I found one I liked, I had a hard time justifying spending the money.

With such great deals, I began browsing through the many beautiful guitars that Cedar Post had to offer. My eyes was immediately caught by a beautiful red acoustic that seemed perfect and met my price range exactly. It was too good to pass up. I broke down and purchased the Kona K1TRD, complete with a shiny blue pick.

Kona K1TRD

I hope that with enough practice, I will learn to play as well as some of my friends and family. I am so excited to have a new outlet to express myself. I play the violin, but it is so much less practical and has a very different feel than guitar. Violin tends to be very formal, but guitar is extremely flexible, energetic, and has more room for fun. I hope that my violin experience, however different it is, can help me on my new musical journey.


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  1. I just want to say that I am so proud of my daughter Brandi. As I have read her posts I have been awakened to the fact that she is her own person, full of ideas and aspirations that are shaping and defining who she is becoming as a person…a person separate from her father and I. This brings a sense of extreme joy to my heart and peace to my soul. It is humbling to see that our children are really only entrusted to our care and that as much as we would love to call them our’s they are simply their own person’s in the making. I am very proud of the person Brandi is discovering within herself and I’m excited to watch her evolve into whoever she is destined to become.

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