Freemasons In Southern Utah

Freemason Lodge, Cedar City, Ut

Sometimes I find myself in need of a mental and physical break from life, and taking a long drive is one of the most effective ways to sit back, think about what’s going on, and get myself back on the right track. Although such drives have taken me interesting places, few have been as surprising as my discovery of Cedar City’s very own Masonic Lodge.

My very first experience involving Freemasonry came when I watched the popular film National Treasure, in which Nicholas Cage portrays an avid historical treasure hunter who discovers an invaluable secret about hidden riches in the United States. In the film, the Freemasons gathered precious treasures and hid them in a secret place, leaving behind a winding trail of clues as to it’s location and purpose. Needless to say, the film raised awareness about the Masons but didn’t necessarily shed any light on what they are all about.

The Freemasons don’t exactly help the situation; they are classified as a secret society, and not very many people are aware of their presence. In the city’s organization directory, they are listed as a “charitable organization,” but I have never been aware of any work they have done in this area. In fact, I had no idea that there were any Masons in Cedar City until I accidentally discovered their meetinghouse near Cove Drive earlier this evening (ironically, next to an LDS Church).

The building resembled a warehouse with few windows and doors, with only the Freemason emblem (The Square and Compasses) as any indication of its purpose. As surprised as I was to find it, I was even more amazed when I learned that this particular location had 65 members as of 2006 ( They meet every month to socialize and practice their beliefs.

Because of their secretive nature, I turned to the internet to find some answers. As much as I tried, narrowing it all down into a phrase or two that best describes Freemasonry or their practices is nearly impossible. Further information about the organization can be found at: 

If you would like to contact the local organization, call Terry Lee at 435-704-0045

This is a fascinating organization and I would like to find out more about them and what they do in my community. Its always a surprise to uncover hidden diversity in such a small community!


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