The Best and the Worst

#1 Playgrounds, playing in the mud, making a mess. Looked like a movie star, even at the age of five. Family BBQs, Christmas, watching Mission Impossible. My mom always wanted us to get married someday, and honestly, maybe the three-year-old-girl deep down inside of me was disappointed when you got engaged to that pretty blonde.

#2 First time away from home. Kindergarten was scary, but you made it so much better. Bus rides, chasing you at recess… and later passing notes in history.

#3 Richest kid in school, and definitely the most popular. That never changed. I was always disappointed that I was never popular enough for you. Or your cousin (wouldnt have worked anyway, you were too short.)

#4 You were a mexican (still are).

#5 First kiss. Only a Disney peck. I remember that time you walked all the way to my house on my 13th birthday to visit me.

#6 I was your first friend when you moved here. I always had a crush on you, but I never got up the courage to do anything about it. I wish I would have. I hope you’ve kicked the drug habit.

#7 You were the bad boy. Everyone disapproved, even I did deep down. Kissing in the halls, getting into trouble. You told me you wanted to grow old together. I loved you as much as my 15 year old self was capable of loving. But I chose God over you. I was surprised to see you (alive and not in jail) with your wife and two kids years later.

#8 Good kisser.

#9 Lawsuit.

#10 The love of my life. The longest love. The one I hoped would last. The one that hurt me the most.

#11 Rebound. Too much, too soon.


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